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How to Repel Rabbits from Your Garden?

Rabbits are the most despised gardener pests, which can wipe the whole crops overnight. They are annoying and destructive pests that eat the garden and cause great damage, and this calls for a need to repel them.

How to Repel Rabbits from Your Garden?

Most of the time, they love eating young and tender shoots, lettuce, broccoli, and beans. Also, they eat flowers like gazanias, petunias, marigolds, and pansies. To young rabbits, they are curious and can cause great damage because they can sample different plants.

You can know the rabbits are in your garden when they see their fur or hair stuck in branches or nesting under the brush or bushes. Also, the strongest sign which can make you know that the rabbits are within the garden is the destruction and damage made.

Some ways to Repel Rabbits from Your Garden

There are different methods used to repel rabbits from entering your garden. This is to ensure that there is no further damage can be reported. Here are ways on how to repel rabbits from your garden.


Trapping rabbits using human methods can be the best way to repel rabbits from your garden. You need to place the live wire traps in areas where rabbits are common, especially where you see their droppings. Move the traps every week if they don’t trap the rabbit and check after every twelve hours.

The best baits can be apples, carrots, cabbage, corn, and nuts. Once a rabbit is caught, avoid holding it bear handed because of the risk of spreading the disease. As a result, it may be necessary to destroy it or give it to the wildlife organization.

Garden Fencing

Rabbit Fence for Garden

Garden fencing is the best way of repelling the rabbits from your garden. For small and young plants, you are required to lay the wire mesh directly on the plants to prevent rabbits from accessing tender leaves. To ensure the large plants are protected, the wire mesh used in a cylindrical form, which can repel the rabbits from accessing the foliage. Connect the cable edges to get the best results.

Deer or bird netting similarly works the same to protect those plants which are young. Place the netting on the plants and be secured by the edges and use the wire mesh with a rope of about one inch or less. To prevent the rabbits from digging under the mesh, bury the wire mesh not less than three to six inches and fold the part buried away from the garden.

Vine and truck guards

If there are grapevines or young trees in the garden, you can use vine and truck guards to repel the rabbits. Use the vine guards up to when the vine is not less than three feet high and then use the trunk guard to every new young tree.

A homemade trunk guard with the wire mesh, heavy cardboard, or hard plastic cylinder can be used. The vine and truck guards must be at least 2.5 cm to repel the rabbits from your garden.

Habitat Modification

If there is any sign of rabbit nesting, you need to remove it, block it, or modify the area to prevent access. You can also reduce the nesting option by removing any low bushes that can offer rabbit habitat. Eliminate any dense vegetation or piles of debris or wood and check the vegetation along the rows of fences and seal any space within the garden.

Chemical Repellents

You can smear chemical repellents to certain vines, and trees to repel the rabbits from your garden. This creates an unfriendly smell, which makes them not come close to the garden.

Due to the deadliness of some chemicals, many repellents are not suitable when smeared on vegetables or food plants, because they will make the plants unsuitable for human consumption. Also, repellents only function within a short period and often require to be reused. When you are choosing a repellent, read all the instructions on the label carefully before using it.

Individual Plant Protection

You can use ¼-inch to ½-inch wire mesh to create the cylinders which can be used to protect shrubs, vines, or new trees. The fence should be buried under the soil to prevent the rabbits from digging, and the diameter of the cylinder be not less than 2-inch to 4-inch from the plant. This is done to repel the rabbits from eating individual plants in the garden.

Make them Feel Defenseless

Rabbits love a good hiding place, and that is why every time they can access the garden. If they do not have a hiding place, they are less likely to be seen in the garden.

To make them feel defenseless, this means excess leaves and brush piles should be removed and fill the old holes with soil. This will make them not find the hiding place anywhere, hence repelling them from the garden.


Repelling the rabbits from your garden is supposed to be a constant thing. Regardless of how you choose to discourage, get rid, or prevent them from accessing your garden, you need to be vigilant. Rabbits can reproduce more and will continue to come to your garden, and therefore you need to use the above ways to repel them.