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How to Repel Rabbits from Your Garden?

Rabbits are the most despised gardener pests, which can wipe the whole crops overnight. They are annoying and destructive pests that eat the garden and cause great damage, and this calls for a need to repel them.

How to Repel Rabbits from Your Garden?

Most of the time, they love eating young and tender shoots, lettuce, broccoli, and beans. Also, they eat flowers like gazanias, petunias, marigolds, and pansies. To young rabbits, they are curious and can cause great damage because they can sample different plants.

You can know the rabbits are in your garden when they see their fur or hair stuck in branches or nesting under the brush or bushes. Also, the strongest sign which can make you know that the rabbits are within the garden is the destruction and damage made.

Some ways to Repel Rabbits from Your Garden

There are different methods used to repel rabbits from entering your garden. This is to ensure that there is no further damage can be reported. Here are ways on how to repel rabbits from your garden.


Trapping rabbits using human methods can be the best way to repel rabbits from your garden. You need to place the live wire traps in areas where rabbits are common, especially where you see their droppings. Move the traps every week if they don’t trap the rabbit and check after every twelve hours.

The best baits can be apples, carrots, cabbage, corn, and nuts. Once a rabbit is caught, avoid holding it bear handed because of the risk of spreading the disease. As a result, it may be necessary to destroy it or give it to the wildlife organization.

Garden Fencing

Rabbit Fence for Garden

Garden fencing is the best way of repelling the rabbits from your garden. For small and young plants, you are required to lay the wire mesh directly on the plants to prevent rabbits from accessing tender leaves. To ensure the large plants are protected, the wire mesh used in a cylindrical form, which can repel the rabbits from accessing the foliage. Connect the cable edges to get the best results.

Deer or bird netting similarly works the same to protect those plants which are young. Place the netting on the plants and be secured by the edges and use the wire mesh with a rope of about one inch or less. To prevent the rabbits from digging under the mesh, bury the wire mesh not less than three to six inches and fold the part buried away from the garden.

Vine and truck guards

If there are grapevines or young trees in the garden, you can use vine and truck guards to repel the rabbits. Use the vine guards up to when the vine is not less than three feet high and then use the trunk guard to every new young tree.

A homemade trunk guard with the wire mesh, heavy cardboard, or hard plastic cylinder can be used. The vine and truck guards must be at least 2.5 cm to repel the rabbits from your garden.

Habitat Modification

If there is any sign of rabbit nesting, you need to remove it, block it, or modify the area to prevent access. You can also reduce the nesting option by removing any low bushes that can offer rabbit habitat. Eliminate any dense vegetation or piles of debris or wood and check the vegetation along the rows of fences and seal any space within the garden.

Chemical Repellents

You can smear chemical repellents to certain vines, and trees to repel the rabbits from your garden. This creates an unfriendly smell, which makes them not come close to the garden.

Due to the deadliness of some chemicals, many repellents are not suitable when smeared on vegetables or food plants, because they will make the plants unsuitable for human consumption. Also, repellents only function within a short period and often require to be reused. When you are choosing a repellent, read all the instructions on the label carefully before using it.

Individual Plant Protection

You can use ¼-inch to ½-inch wire mesh to create the cylinders which can be used to protect shrubs, vines, or new trees. The fence should be buried under the soil to prevent the rabbits from digging, and the diameter of the cylinder be not less than 2-inch to 4-inch from the plant. This is done to repel the rabbits from eating individual plants in the garden.

Make them Feel Defenseless

Rabbits love a good hiding place, and that is why every time they can access the garden. If they do not have a hiding place, they are less likely to be seen in the garden.

To make them feel defenseless, this means excess leaves and brush piles should be removed and fill the old holes with soil. This will make them not find the hiding place anywhere, hence repelling them from the garden.


Repelling the rabbits from your garden is supposed to be a constant thing. Regardless of how you choose to discourage, get rid, or prevent them from accessing your garden, you need to be vigilant. Rabbits can reproduce more and will continue to come to your garden, and therefore you need to use the above ways to repel them.

How to Choose the Best Deer Repellent?

If you live in the middle of the city, this isn’t something you need to worry about. And, you might wonder where in the world people will struggle to keep deer out of their gardens.

How to Choose the Best Deer Repellent?

However, there are many people all over the country, that are living in the country that are struggling with deer. Deer that are searching for food and greenery all the time. When you are one of those that are looking for a way out to keep deer out of your garden, then we have the solution for you.

Deer and your garden

Deer have a whole field to eat at. Green grass everywhere. But they are choosing your garden. Do you sometimes wonder why?

This is because your garden is a lot greener than the fields. Especially during the winter or Autumn when the grass is dying. Then, the green, juicy grass of your garden is like candy for a baby.

Nothing will keep them away from your garden. And, this is why you should consider making use of some of the best deer repellent you can find.

Choosing the right type of deer repellent

When you are choosing the right type of deer repellent, there are a couple of things that you need to consider. Things that will decide which deer repellent you should consider.

The first thing that you need to know, is that there are basically two different types of deer repellent that you can choose from. You are getting the chemical deer repellent that is also known as the spray, and you are getting the electronic motion sensor device. There are a couple of things that you need to consider before you can decide which one to use.

You need to consider how large your garden is. For a huge garden, a repellent spray might not work correctly. But, there are also some people that don’t like to use chemicals in nature.

Consider Chemical Deer Repellent

One of the most popular deer repellents is the repellent sprays that you can purchase. But when you decide to make use of one of these sprays, you need to know that there are different types of repellent sprays to choose from as well.

Chemical Deer Repellent

Is the repellent spray made from natural ingredients that won’t be dangerous to the deer? Or, is the repellent made from chemicals that are dangerous to the deer and other animals and insects in the area. You want to make sure that you don’t kill the deer, you just want it away from your garden.

The price of the repellent is also a good indicator of quality. The more expensive the repellent spray, the higher quality it is, and the better it will work. But, you still need to make sure about the ingredients of the spray.

Motion Sensor Devices

The great thing about the motion sensor devices is the fact that you don’t need to replace it on a monthly basis as the repellent spray. However, the motion sensor is a bit more expensive than purchasing the spray.

You are getting different types of motion sensor devices. One that is spraying water, when he detects the deer. One that is making noise and one that is making an ultrasonic noise that only the deer can hear.

The great thing about the motion sensor devices is that it will never harm the animals or even the insects nearby. You don’t need to worry about the device again, unlike with the spray that you need to redo on a regular basis.

What you should consider when you are choosing the best deer repellent

What should you consider when you are choosing the best deer repellent? You need to make sure about which option will be the best suitable for your type of garden. The size of your garden, and if you have other pets in your garden as well.

One thing is important. You should not use any repellent spray that is a danger to the deer or the insects or any other animal in the area. Consider environmentally-friendly repellent spray.

Keeping your garden safe from deer doesn’t need to be hard. There are a couple of products that you can use to ensure that your garden is staying safe from deer, but that you are not killing or harming the deer in any way.

You can choose between the repellent spray, or you can choose the motion sensor device. One thing is for sure, you should make sure that you are making the right decision so that your garden gets the most benefit.

Baitcaster Vs. Spinning Reel Pros and Cons

For those who might want to do a bit of freshwater fishing, you will have the option of choosing between Baitcaster and spinning reels.

Baitcaster Vs. Spinning Reel Pros and Cons

For most people, they might decide to stick with spinners probably that is what they learned with on how to fish. However, there is nothing wrong with trying out something new.

Today, we want to look at the difference between a Baitcaster and spinning reel and then discuss their pros and cons in either case.


Baitcasters are good for those who need to cast better and further from their position. This is because baitcasters come with better precision. However, you might have to do a lot of practice if you hope to end up making the best casts. With more accuracy, you can be far from the honeypot and still cast your lure. As much as a Baitcaster equipment might be intimidating at first, it does not take long before you know how best to handle it.

Baitcasters are also known for having a higher gear ratio. With this type of design, you will end up with a Baitcaster that is accurate over a long distance. The best part is that even the entry level models still have the same type of construction. With a higher gear ratio, it should be easy to see why anyone would want to get a Baitcaster.

A Baitcaster will allow you to cast with almost any lure or bait. The same cannot be said for a spinning reel. You will not have to worry about looking for specific lures when seeking to get one for your fishing expedition.

With a Baitcaster, it is possible to land bigger fish than when using a spinning reel. This is because the baitcasters will have the capability to handle any fish more than 10 pounds. The rod will have the additional heft to the spine so that the Baitcaster can handle more weight of a fish. This is a fair trade off for the other benefits of using a spinning reel.

With baitcasters, you can customize your fishing approach. It is best if you do more research on the Baitcaster before making up your mind about which one will be the best for you. In most stores that sell Baitcasters, you will have a wide range of products. These products should make it easier for you to pick the best one depending on your fishing needs.

If you opt for a spinning reel, then you can expect ease of control and never have to worry about fishing. The spinning reels are generally easy to use for most people. This is because many people learn about fishing through using spinning reels. To them, it should feel natural to own a spinning reel than when they use a Baitcaster.

Spinning Reel

Spinners can also be just as accurate as baitcasters without necessarily spending more. As much as you can achieve better casting distance with a Baitcaster, a spinner is not far behind. With its accuracy, it should be then one of the top options for most anglers to consider getting.

Spinning reels are also considered to be easy to wind once you have a catch. This is thanks to its construction that allows for more versatility and better winding of the line if you get a catch. You will also not have to spend hours getting knots out of the line as compared to a Baitcaster.

You will have an easier time skipping lure with a spinner as compared to Baitcaster. Skipping lures can be hard for beginners, but most people find it easier to do so when you are using a spinner. The truth is that this skill might take several hours to learn about it and even perfect it.



  • It comes with less line twist
  • Tends to be more durable than spinning reels
  • Offers a greater line capacity
  • It will have a lighter reel weight
  • Easier for slow baiting
  • It offers improved accuracy with heavy lines


  • It will take time to learn and use
  • Harder maintenance
  • Expensive
  • Jamming is common

Spinning Reel


  • It has less tangling
  • Longer line life
  • It does not have line digging
  • Great option for those with lighter lures
  • Easy to handle by anyone


  • Reduced line capacity
  • Does not pitch easily
  • Not accurate with heavier lures

A Guide to Bass Fishing Rods

For beginners, there are so many things that you need to know about Bass fishing. One of the things that you need to know is how to purchase the right bass fishing rods.

A Guide to Bass Fishing Rods

This is also one of the most common mistakes that people are making. They aren’t making sure that they are purchasing the best rods for there and for the fish that they want to catch.

With this guide, you will get to know all the information about bass fishing rods to be able to purchase the right one. Especially, for a beginner.

Things to know before you purchase your bass fishing rods

There are a couple of things that you need to know before you can purchase your bass fishing rods. There are different rods for different types of fish that you want to catch. The larger the fish, the thicker and the stronger the rod needs to be.

The other thing that you need to know is that there are different price rods as well. Some rods are really expensive and others are cheaper. You should rather consider going for the more expensive ones if you want to make sure that you are purchasing quality.

If you can get a package where you can find the rod, and everything else that you need including, then it is something that you should consider buying.

The material that the rods are made off is essential

The first thing about bass fishing rods that you need to know is that most of the rods are made from different materials. Some material is more durable than other materials.

This is why you should make sure that you are doing research to find out what type of material rod you should consider that will be durable and that will last longer.

Some materials are making the rods heavier as well, and this is something to consider if you are a beginner and only capable to handle something light.

The thickness, length, and strength

Fishing Rod Length

There are three key ingredients when it comes to finding and purchasing the best bass fishing rods for beginners. It is thickness, length, and strength. You want to make sure that you are looking at all three these things before you are just going out and purchasing anyone.

The thickness should be in line with the type of fish that you are going to catch. The stronger the fish, the thicker the rod needs to be. The length depends on where you are going bass fishing, for example in the ocean, you will need a much longer length rod than for a river. The strength goes hand in hand with the thickness of the rod. The stronger the rod, the better.

Other essentials that you need to purchase with a Bass fishing rod

Now, that you have the perfect bass fishing rod, you think that you can now go out and start bass fishing. However, this isn’t the case.

There are many other things that you should consider and purchase as well. For example, you need to purchase the reel, the line, the hooks, and the bait. And, you need to make sure that you are considering the fact that you are a beginner and where you are going fishing before you purchase the rest of the equipment needed.

Things to consider when purchasing your first bass fishing rods

If this is the very first time that you are going bass fishing, then you might not know if this is something that you would love to do. Then, purchasing the cheaper rods are recommended. You can invest in higher quality gear once you decided that this is the hobby for you.

Many people are lending the rods from friends before they are purchasing their own rods. To ensure that they know exactly what to look for.

With this guide to bass fishing rods, you will know as much as possible about the rods. This is so that you can know for sure that you are purchasing something that you will be able to use for a long time. And, that you have purchased the right rod for having the best time ever.

Too many people are purchasing the wrong bass fishing rods because they didn’t do research or they didn’t ask professionals or experienced friends and family for advice. At the end of the day, it means that the person needs to go back and purchase new rods that are designed for bass fishing to get the best possible results.