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How to Join Us!

If you are a civilian you can visit the club by getting a one day pass at the Main Gate Visitor Center. You will need your vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and your driver’s license.

Every firearm must be registered with the Provost Marshall’s Office before it can be brought onto Fort Hood. In order to register your firearm on Fort Hood you will need to go to the Provost Marshal’s Office and go to the front desk and complete a registration form. You will need to know the fire arms manufacture, model, and serial number of the weapon. When you come in to register your weapon, “DO NOT ” bring the actual weapon with you. The Provost Marshal’s Office is located at the corner of Battalion Ave and 58th Street. Their phone number is (254) 287-2176.

At the Sportsman Center you can get a letter to present at the Main Gate Visitor Center, along with your vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and your drivers license to get a Base Vehicle Visitor Pass good for 180 days.

Once you have registered your weapons and have a pass you can come to the Skeet Range anytime its open.