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   All persons fishing lakes, ponds, and streams of Fort Hood must possess a valid Texas State Fishing License (except those exempted by the state), Area Access Permit and the Fort Hood Fishing Permit. However, no Fort Hood Fishing Permit or Area Access Permit is required if a person is fishing the waters of Belton Lake within the confines of BLORA, only a state fishing license is required and a daily entry receipt if applicable. Only a state fishing license and Area Access Permit is required if a person is fishing the waters of Belton Lake adjacent to Training Area 8 East of Curry Crossing (no Fort Hood Fishing Permit is required for this area).

   All persons will abide by State/Fort Hood bag limits, possession limits, and Area Access procedures as well as all State and Federal fishing regulations. The lakes, ponds, and streams closed to fishing will be identified by “NO FISHING” signs.

   Manually propelled boats are authorized on most Fort Hood lakes, ponds, and streams. Those prohibiting boats will be posted with “NO BOATING” signs. III Corps & Fort Hood Circular 210-10-22 identifies locations where boats or flotation devices are prohibited. Fishermen may use boats propelled by electric trolling motors on all lakes and ponds except Cantonment B (Kid’s Pond); boats propelled by motors must have current registration in accordance with state law. All motorized boats (including electric) must have Texas boat registration and all boating safety devices that are required by state law.

   Access to “No check in/out fishing ponds/lakes” will be by the most direct route from the point of leaving public roadways except Landfill Lake will be accessed by designated route only.

   Fort Hood observes the annual State Free Sport-fishing Day which is on the first Saturday of June. State fishing licenses or Fort Hood fishing permits are not required while sport fishing on that day.  Valid Area Access Permit (FH Form 210-X9) is required. A special one-day Area Access Permit will be available free of charge but must be obtained from the Sportsmen’s Center prior to participation.

     Cantonment B Pond is designated as the “Kids’ Pond”. All adults must be accompanied by at least one fishing youth 16 years old or under. Adults may fish if they meet the fishing child requirement. All must have valid Area Access Permit and adults must have valid Texas fishing license (unless exempt) and Fort Hood Fishing Permit. Children must be supervised (in direct sight) at all times.


1. Use of any boats or flotation devices on Cantonment B

2. Use of gasoline-powered boat motors on all lakes and ponds, except Belton Lake.

3. Driving or parking vehicles on dams.

4. Trotlines, throw lines, jug lines, and shocking devices in lakes or ponds. Trotlines are authorized in the Cowhouse Creek East of Curry Crossing and the Leon River.

5. Releasing live bait in lakes and ponds. Releasing any aquatic species into Fort Hood waters without written permission from DPW, Natural Resources Management Branch.

6. Swimming except at BLORA’s designated areas

7. Littering is prohibited. All items brought to the pond/lake by users must be removed upon departure. Minimum fine $125.

8. Use of illegal devices as identified by federal and state laws

9. Possession of fish or aquatic life without fishing or hunting permit as required.

10. Fishing West of Curry Crossing in the Live Fire Training Area

11. No BB or pellet guns are authorized in Fort Hood training areas

12. Taking of fish that does not meet size limits, bag and possession limits

   During the Fall Gun Hunting Season, access into Guided Hunting Areas under the Area Access program for activities other than hunting is between 10 am and 2 pm only on scheduled guided hunt dates; normal access is authorized during non-guided hunt dates. Exception to this is ”No check in/out” ponds/lakes.

DPW/Natural Resource Management Branch is responsible for stocking selected lakes and ponds on Fort Hood. A current list of stockings by area, date, type of fish, and number of fish is posted on the bulletin board at the Sportsmen’s Center, Bldg 1937 or Bldg 1939, DPW/Natural Resource Management Branch or A forecasted stocking schedule is not available

Game Species



Size Limits

Daily Bag Limit

Possession Limits


Channel Catfish

All lakes, ponds and creeks

No Closed Season

Minimum: 12 inches



Archery equipment is prohibited

All black Bass

All lakes, ponds and creeks

No Closed Season

Minimum: 14 inches

5-in the aggregate

10-in the aggregate

Note: Includes all Black Bass, Large Mouth, Small Mouth,

Crappie  (White Perch

All lakes, ponds and creeks

No Closed Season

Minimum: 10 inches




White Bass

All lakes, ponds and creeks

No Closed Season

Minimum: 10 inches




No Check In/Out Lakes & Ponds

1) Airfield Lake 37

2) Belton Lake at water’s edge (8 north and south)

3) Clear Creek Lake 201

4) Copperas Cove Lake #2 40

5) Copperas Cove Lake #3 40

6) Engineer Lake 30

7) Heiner Lake 35

8) Larned Lake 33

9) Nolan Lake 36

10) Cowhouse Creek East of Curry Crossing

11) Cantonment Pond A To the right of WFH exit north ACP (Clarke Rd.)

12) Cantonment Pond B (Kids Pond) Across from CTC off Bell Tower exit.

You must be going west on HWY 190 and take the Bell Tower exit. The open gate is on the right before the overpass.

13) Pershing Lake  By the main gate of Ft. Hood. Access is acquired through Kouma Village. Vehicle access may be restricted at times.

14) Landfill Lake In ATV Area 111 by designated route only

15) Henry Lake 112

16) East Lake PV 203466

17) Bird Bath Lake PV 195423