Antler Restrictions

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The following information was gotten from the Texas Parks and Wildlife web site.

If any further information on this new Buck hunting Restriction becomes available I will post it here.

Deer hunters in 40 counties in East and Central Texas will be under new special buck harvest regulations this fall as part of changes to this year’s hunting and fishing regulations adopted by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission.

Antler restriction regulations currently in effect in 21 counties in the Oak Prairie ecoregion have been effective in improving the age structure of the buck herd, increasing hunter opportunity, and encouraging landowners and hunters to become more actively involved in better habitat management, according to state wildlife biologists.

Counties affected by this regulation include Bell, Bosque, Bowie, Burleson, Camp, Cass, Cherokee, Comal (east of IH 35), Comanche, Coryell, Delta, Eastland, Erath, Fannin, Franklin, Gregg, Hamilton, Harrison, Hays (east of IH 35), Hopkins, Houston, Lamar, Lampasas, Leon, Marion, Morris, Nacogdoches, Panola, Rains, Red River, Rusk, Sabine, San Augustine, Shelby, Somervell, Titus, Travis (east of IH 35), Upshur, Williamson and Wood counties.

Under the regulation, a lawful buck is defined as any buck having at least one unbranched antler or an inside antler spread of at least 13 inches. The bag limit in the affected counties would be two lawful bucks, no more than one of which may have an inside spread of greater than 13 inches.

A legal buck deer is defined as having

    • a hardened antler protruding through the skin AND
    • at least one unbranched antler; OR
    • an inside spread measurement between main beams of 13 inches or greater.
  • To determine if a buck has an inside spread measurement of at least 13 inches, look at the distance from ear-tip to ear-tip on a buck with ears in the alert position (see illustration).
  • Definition of a point: A point is a projection that extends at least one inch from the edge of a main beam or another tine. The tip of the main beam is also a point.
a_not_a_point a_antlers2

Ears in alert position are approximately 13 inches apart and may be used to judge the inside spread.

a_illegal a_legal1


This buck meets none of the criteria.

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